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[好消息] 本中心 CCIE 課程學生 Andrew Chan、Angus Ma、Kan Kung、Sora Chung 及 Tony Tong 於近期考獲 I.T. 界頂級認證 CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert),

Google Ads Display 國際認可證書課程

  • 課程時間
  • 課程簡介
  • 課程特點
  • 認證要求
  • 考試須知
  • 課程內容

Systematic 25 周年課程大優惠!

現凡報讀:12 月 2 日 (日) 開課的 Google Ads Display 國際認可證書課程 (考試費用全免)
即送:Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) 國際認證課程 (考試費用全免)


傳統服務:課程上堂時間表 (地點:旺角   總費用:$2,480)

超震撼: 凡於 2018年 11月 23日 (五) 或之前報讀本課程,
原價 $3,080,現只需

編號 日期 (dd/mm) 星期 時間 費用 導師  
GR1270DM  02/12 - 16/12
2/12, 9/12, 16/12
10:30am - 5:30pm (lunch: 1:30pm-2:30pm) $2,480 Larry 按此報名

*** 質素保證:免費於任何地點試睇首 1 小時課堂錄影,從而可預先了解導師及教材的質素,才報讀課程來上堂。***
請致電與本中心職員預約。 查看各地點電話
旺角 2332-6544
觀塘 3563-8425
北角 3580-1893
沙田 2151-9360
屯門 3523-1560

免費補堂: 學員可於任何地點補看課堂錄影,從而可銜接往後的課堂!
免費重讀: 學員可於課程結束後三個月內於任何地點不限次數地重看課堂錄影,從而可反覆重溫整個課程!
課時: 18 小時
課堂導師: Larry (任教課程清單)

傳統服務的免費補堂或免費重讀,若選擇旺角或觀塘的閒日星期一至四,便需於 6:30p.m. 或之前完成觀看課堂錄影。

地區 地址 電話 教育局註冊編號
旺角 九龍旺角亞皆老街 109 號,皆旺商業大廈 18 樓 2332-6544 533459
觀塘 九龍觀塘成業街 7 號寧晉中心 12 樓 G2 室 3563-8425 588571
北角 香港北角馬寶道 41-47 號華寶商業大廈 3 樓 01-02 號舖 3580-1893 591262
沙田 新界沙田石門安群街 3 號京瑞廣場 1 期 10 樓 M 室 2151-9360 604488
屯門 新界屯門屯喜路 2 號屯門柏麗廣場 17 樓 1708 室 3523-1560 592552
注意! 客戶必須查問報讀學校的教育局註冊編號,以確認該校為註冊學校,以免蒙受不必要的損失!

Google Adwords lets you Reach Customers around the world!
With text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube video ads or in-app mobile ads, you have plenty of ways to reach potential customers with Google Adwords.

Google Ads display ads appear on over two million websites and in over 650,000 apps, so your ad can show up wherever your audience is.

Google Adwords lets you Stay local!
Reach out to potential customers within a few kilometers of your business, or broadcast your ads to entire regions or countries. With Google Adwords, it’s up to you.

Google Adwords lets you Appear Online via Several Formats of Ads at your preference!
You can make profit Online or Offline! Increase Sales and Impressions, Branding and launch Sales Campaigns at your fingertips!

Google Adwords lets you monitor how your Ads performs!
With Google Ads you will see how many people are shown your ads, visit your website, or call your business. You can even target specific types of people if your business is specialized.

Google Adwords lets you Stay In Control of your Budget, and increase Return-On-Investment (ROI)!
Adjust your budget whenever you want. Plus, with no contract, you can end your campaign anytime without cancellation fees.

You can use your individual Google Account for Advertising over the Internet with over 2 Million Web Sites in Google Display Network.

No Partnership or Agreement with any third-parties is required!

After finishing our Google Ads Display Certification course, you will be able to create, maintain, monitor and tune your Online Advertisements by Adwords, Solely by yourself!

Moreover, you will be answered about the following daily questions about Google Adwords:

1) Why my Ads are not showing in Google Search sites?
2) Why my Ads are not displayed?
3) How to review my Ads Quality Score?
4) What to do when I need further help?
5) As Google refused my credit cards, are there any other viable payment methods?
6) What’s the difference in advertising via Google Search Network and Google Display Network?
7) Why my Quality Score decreases?
8) How much time is required for an Ad to be approved by Google?
9) How to appeal when my Ad is rejected by Google?
10) What’s Google’s Adwords Editorial, Technical and Professional Requirements to keep my Ads running?
11) Do I need to own or refactor a business web site for advertising via Adwords?
12) How do I track the efficiency and benefits of Adwords to my business?

After finishing our Google Ads Display Certification course, you will be able to take two exams and earn the following Google Ads Display Certification:

Google Ads Display Certification sample

課程時數: 合共 18 小時
適合人士: 適合任何人士
授課語言: 以廣東話為主,輔以英語
課程筆記: 本中心導師親自編寫英文為主筆記,而部份英文字附有中文對照。
免費重讀: 傳統課堂學員可於課程結束後三個月內免費重看課堂錄影。

1. 模擬考試題目: 本中心為學員提供每科約 100 條模擬考試題目,每條考試題目均附有標準答案。
2. 時數適中:

本中心的 Google Ads Display 國際認可證書課程時數適中,有 18小時。

令學員能真正了解及掌握課程內容,而又能於 1 個月內考獲以下 1 張國際認可證書:

  • Google Ads Display Certification
3. 導師親自編寫筆記: 由本中心已擁有5項Google 國際認證 (包括 Google Ads Display Certification, Google Ads Mobile Certification, Google Ads Search Certification, Google Digital Sales Certification, Google Analytics Individual Qualification),並有教授課程 18年以上經驗的資深導師 Larry Chan 親自編寫筆記,絕對適合考試及實際管理之用,令你無須「死鋤」如字典般厚及不適合香港讀書格調的書本。
4. 免費重讀: 傳統課堂學員可於課程結束後三個月內免費重看課堂錄影。

Google 已公佈考生只要通過以下 2 個 Google Adwords 相關科目的考試,便可獲發 Google Ads Display Certification 國際認可證書:

  • Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Google Ads Display

報考時登入 Google Academy for Ads 網站,然後選擇您要報考的科目,考試便會即時開始。

考試題目由 Google Academy for Ads 網站傳送到你家中應考的電腦來作答。


考試完成時會以電郵通知你的考試成績,若為合格,你便可於 Google Academy for Ads 網站下載您的證書。

若考試不合格便可 1 日後重新報考,不限次數。欲知道作答時間、題目總數、合格分數等詳細考試資料,可瀏覽本中心網頁 "各科考試分數資料"。

Google Ads Fundamentals (6 hrs)

  1. Learn the basics of Google Ads
  2. Choose where customers see your ads (Basic)
  3. Create effective text ads
  4. Enhance your ads with extensions
  5. Choose the best campaign types
  6. Organize your account for success
  7. Reach customers with targeting (Basic)
  8. Help customers find you
  9. Control which searches trigger your ads
  10. Make your ads seen
  11. Match media cost models with your budget
  12. Determine a good bidding strategy (Basic)
  13. Select your bid strategy (Basic)
  14. Adjust bids to favor performers
  15. Align your budget with your goals
  16. Evaluate campaign performance
  17. Avoid editorial errors (Basic)
  18. Address trademark disapprovals (Basic)

Google Ads Display (12 hrs)

  1. Choose where customers see your ads (Advanced)
  2. Learn the basics of the Display Network
  3. Drive results with the Display Network
  4. Determine a good bidding strategy (Advanced)
  5. Select your bid strategy (Advanced)
  6. Reach customers with targeting (Advanced)
  7. Target with the Display Network
  8. Track conversions to improve performance
  9. Keep them coming back with remarketing
  10. Remarket with the Display Network
  11. Choose the most beneficial ad formats
  12. Set up a Display Network campaign
  13. Assess and optimize your campaigns
  14. Avoid editorial errors (Advanced)
  15. Address trademark disapprovals (Advanced)
  16. Optimize your Display campaign
  17. Adjust targeting to reach more people
  18. Build effective creatives for your goals
  19. Tailor ads with Dynamic Remarketing
  20. Linking Analytics with Adwords
  21. Analytics Basics and Report customization
  22. Understanding Report dimensions

The course content above may change at any time without notice in order to better reflect the contents of examinations.

  • 代理人的法律責任
  • 公司董事和合夥人的法律責任
  • 婚姻的法律責任
  • 遺產繼承的合法權益
  • IPA 拼音:級別 1 2 3 4
  • 基礎普通話拼音 (免費)
  • 進階普通話拼音
  • 普通話會話:級別 1 2 3
  • 級別 1 2 3
  • 濕疹與皮膚敏感病
  • 暗瘡與色斑 | 鼻敏感與感冒
  • 脫髮與白髮 | 從五官看健康
  • 攝影初級
  • 攝影中級 (風景專題)
  • 紫微斗數:級別 1 2 3
  • 子平八字:級別 1 2 3
  • 八字風水:級別 1 2 3
  • 奇門遁甲:級別 1 2 3

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